You've Been Gerrymandered

Just to demonstrate that gerrymandering slices both ways…

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  1. Irma Sheon says:

    League of Women Voters US and MD are seriously working in MD, as is Common Cause and Rep. John Delaney, (D) from Maryland’s 6th district, who has introduced a bill in Congress. CC’s writing contest got a lot of likes on my Facebook page, but it entails a 50 page document with legal precedents for every argument. I focus on a need for national standards that would apply across the US. Then states can use whatever process they may devise to redistrict while achieving (my suggestions) equal population, compactness,and contiguity. Once states start looking for how to do that, we can push for a “novel idea, such as developing an algorithm that will achieve those considerations without partisan input.” It astounds me that HOR has not found widespread support by now, but I continue to dream it will.

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