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Hands-Off Redistricting and Minority Voices

One of the most common responses I get to the idea of Hands-Off Redistricting is that – though people are uniformly disgusted with gerrymandering – they are concerned that automated approaches might lead to their own set of unintentional injustices. … Continue reading

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A GIS analysis of Gerrymandering compared to OPRA

I ran across a very interesting blog post by a creative GIS specialist named Blake Harvey, on his Geo Ideas blog. In it, he proposed a formula for measuring gerrymandering, and he proposed this ranking for states based on his … Continue reading

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North Carolina gerrymandering and the government shutdown

If you’re visual like me, and focused on the pernicious politics of gerrymandering as I am, you will be drawn to this map North Carolina’s eastern Congressional Districts: Google map scraped from, a great site for browsing

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How Gerrymandering fits into efforts to shut down the U.S. Government

There is an interesting and timely piece by Ryan Lizza in a recent The New Yorker piece “Where the GOP Suicide Caucus Lives.”  The Suicide Caucus is a term originated by Charles Krauthammer to describe the radicals in the House who … Continue reading

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Hands-Off Redistricting Strategies

“Hands-Off” has a “Strategy”? Having argued the case that Congressional districts should be drawn in a hands-off way, it may seem contradictory to write about “strategies” for redistricting.  But the strategies I am thinking about today don’t have to do … Continue reading

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Is OPRA a Deterministic or Probabilistic Problem?

An almost universal pair of comments I get from readers so far has been a combination of two observations: 1. Wow, there is so much (social-political and mathematical) complexity to Hands-Off Redistricting! 2. Isn’t there a way to have a computer figure … Continue reading

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A good idea, but is it possible to bring about?

From the posting of the YouTube video HandsOffRedistricting V1 I’ve already received some very thoughtful and interesting responses.  Most were by email so I’ll anonymize the names, but there was a common thread in many of them: I don’t see a … Continue reading

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Getting Underway

Like many Americans who pay attention, it grates on me to watch the brazen and corrosive politics behind the drawing of Congressional district boundaries. The political gains to be had from gerrymandering Congressional districts are not going to go away, … Continue reading

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