Getting Underway

Like many Americans who pay attention, it grates on me to watch the brazen and corrosive politics behind the drawing of Congressional district boundaries.

The political gains to be had from gerrymandering Congressional districts are not going to go away, and trying to make the politics behind redistricting more “fair” is a losing strategy.  The best way to remove redistricting abuse from the American body politic is to rethink our premise behind redistricting, and to start thinking of it as a math problem and not a political problem.

I am as cynical as the next guy (probably more, to be honest) and I have no illusions about what would be involved to make this a reality.  But you’ve got to start somewhere and it beats screaming at the television.

So for starters, I’ve laid out an idea in a YouTube Video called Hands Off Redistricting.  It is about 7 minutes long, and its purpose is to socialize the idea and start to make connections with like-minded people.  Please take a look and leave a comment either here or on YouTube.

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