Listen to me on KGO Radio this evening with Pat Thurston

KGO logoHands-Off Redistricting gets a spot on San Francisco-based KGO AM 810 tonight at 6pm Pacific time. Join me with host Pat Thurston for a discussion of gerrymandering and what to do about it. Call in and give me flack or add your thoughts to the discussion!

KGO’s call-in lines are: 415-808-0810, 510-808-0810, 408-808-0810, 650-808-0810, & 707-808-0810. To listen online, use this pop-out player or go to iHeart Radio.

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10 Responses to Listen to me on KGO Radio this evening with Pat Thurston

  1. irmabob says:

    I tuned in at 6:29 PST last night and either missed you or didn’t hang around long enough. What a great way to get your sensible plan into the public domain. I hope the program went well. I am expanding my contacts to include journalists, politicians, former politicians, among others. Also, I speak periodically to organizations such as the Democratic Club and League of Women Voters. These often include seniors who are not into Facebook. I would like to be able to direct supporters of reform to an e-mail address that would easily get them to Hand Off Redistricting. Can you help me with that? Irma

    • noahkennedy says:

      Went well- discovered I have to start slow with a talk radio audience. But I think I can work out a deal with the host to be a regular- thinking I might use the research for a recent post as a talk topic.

      LOWV is excellent. I’ve also noticed common cause seems to be focused on this .

      As to your question: what are you looking for? Not just a URL to email them I assume- that would be easy. Are you looking for a way for them to get an email of every new post?

  2. irmabobhh says:

    I worked with the LWVMD who were not able to get a bill to study reform in other states off the floor of the house and into committee. Frankly, I am a strong Democrat who would not be happy to see blatant gerrymandering eliminated in Maryland while other states retain their gerrymandered districts. That led me back to where I started in my personal mission to oppose gerrymandering nationally. I am in contact with LWVUS but haven’t gotten very far with them. Common Cause is doing good work, but again on a state-by-state basis. The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU is a great source. Justin Levitt, who wrote A Citizens Guide for Redistricting, is at Loyola U. in CA. He might be a good person for you to talk to. My bottom line is that OPRA is far and away the plan to pitch country-wide. I encourage my supporters to watch the video and send feed-back. I bypass ‘proximity’ and algorithm’ by focusing on ‘census-based’, ‘compactness’, and ‘formula’ or ‘plan’. The fact that OPRA is non-partisan comes up later in discussions. To me that is the great leveler that can appeal to voters and politicians across party lines. I don’t think change is going to come easily, but I firmly believe it will happen.

    • noahkennedy says:

      Hi, Irma- that’s great! (This thread did appear briefly “live” because it was part of a thread I had already Approved, but I unapproved it so this should just be email between the two of us at this point.)

      This morning I added a couple of pages about Missionand Editorial style guide for contributors. Of course you’re my only prospective contributor at this point.

      Do those links give you any ideas for posts you’d like to do? I could suggest these:

      – where you think LWV or Common Cause is on any of this, how folks can influence them – How to think about redistricting fairness if you are a Democrat in a Democratic state – anything that gives a little east-coast interest and perspective (I’ve tended to write about CA and TX because I know more about them.)

      In terms of helping you with your social media issues. I think I’m only a couple steps ahead of you but we can go slow. If you have an article you can start by emailing it to me and I can pour it into the blog in draft so that only you can see it. Maybe over time you’ll be more comfortable logging in as a contributor but no reason to rush.

      How does all this sound?

      • irmabob says:

        This sounds wonderful. I haven’t seen your style guide yet, but I thought I would introduce myself with a bit of history, my experience in working for reform of redistricting, my interest in Hands Off, and my personal goals. If this is not appropriate, I’ll adjust my remarks accordingly. Some–maybe all–of this is more for your information than for the general public. I am very happy to send you DRAFTS of whatever I write. Also, to have this way to discuss various issues with you.

        • noahkennedy says:

          Irma- how about we do this?

          – write a backgrounder about yourself and where you’re coming from (1-3 paragraphs) and I’ll make a separate page out of that. (when i have more than one or two contributors, I’ll combine the pages into one.) Could probably use a picture or a cartoon/avatar.

          – take a stab at a draft that introduces yourself briefly, and at the end of the article I’ll put a link to your backgrounder.

          That way you won’t have to take too much time in the post itself introducing yourself, and you can get more quickly to the topic.

          I’m saying this because the readers for each post are currently about 2-3 dozen, and about half of those get their posts via email. I like for them to get at least one little interesting tidbit that gets them to read it again and recommend it to friends. I think you’ll become more interesting to them as they get familiar with you and look forward to seeing your next post.

          ALSO- I’m traveling all next week starting on Xmas morning, and my email will be spotty. So don’t be concerned if you don’t here from me until the first weekend in Jan.

          Really appreciate your willingness to put some effort into this! Hope your holidays are great and if we don’t talk before Jan 1 have a happy and safe New Year.

          Regards, Noah

  3. irmabob says:

    This is frustrating beyond words. I just used all my available time this morning to send you a detailed response. Posted it, then got message back that I was not logged into Word Press. Logged in , and found my message gone. Next time, I am going straight to e-mail unless you have a better suggestion.

  4. irmabob says:

    I have a word document for you. Can I send it to an e-mail address? Thanks.
    Here’s to a happy and productive New Year. Irma

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