Stay Informed

Four axioms:

  • Abuse of the redistricting process is a big problem.
  • There are lots of big problems in the world.
  • Your time is precious.
  • Redistricting will never change unless people like you get involved.

My suggestion:

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I promise:

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7 Responses to Stay Informed

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do we ensure that census tracts do not become “gerrymandered”?

    • noahkennedy says:

      It is a good question. Census tracts are designed to be small (1200-8000 people) and stable over time, so that useful statistical comparisons can be made over a long period of time for the same area. Their boundaries tend to follow natural boundaries or else things that won’t change over time, like major highways. When a district gets too big, it is split. So all in all, the smallness of each district and their “natural” shapes (many today are created from old ones split in two progressively over time) would mean that the individual tracts simply can’t be shaped bizarrely enough to make much of a difference in the outcomes.

      If it DID become a problem, any state could go to a finer level of detail, such as using census blocks which are much smaller.

      See for more info on how the Census Bureau approaches the creation and management of census tracts.

  2. irmabob219 says:

    May I share your “Stay Informed” information on my Facebook page?

  3. irmabob219 says:

    I’ve been on sabbatical and am reengergized after SCOTUS re AZ. I appreciate your listing my page. I would like to suggest a question #3 for your latest blog but don’t where to comment.

    • noahkennedy says:

      Ah- I was a little thrown off myself about how to leave comments and it is not intuitive: Since there are already comments on the page, you click on the tiny little hyperlink at the bottom of the post that says “4 Comments” and then you see all the comments that have been made. scroll down to the bottom and there is a REPLY and comments box. If there had NOT been any comments, it would have shown a hyperlink that says “Leave a Comment”. I don’t like how that works- guess I need to go to another WordPress meetup.

  4. L. says:

    In my state of North Carolina, it feels no longer like a democracy, due to actions behind closed doors in the legislature. I encourage all who have interest in changing the gerrymander to stay informed but then, ‘act’ in positive ways to ensure ‘change’.

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