Mission & Approach


The mission of this blog is to change how congressional redistricting is done in the United States, so that it is done without the potential for special interests of any kind. We will accomplish this by persistently informing the public of the corrupt nature of the current process, the practical benefits of hands-off approaches, and the practical steps they can take to effect positive change.

This blog will not accept corporate or political contributions of any kind. It will not allow advertising, and it will never share mailing lists or other personally-identifiable reader data with any other persons or organizations without the individual knowledge and assent of the persons whose information is involved.

Editorial Tone and Approach

  • Self-dealing in Congressional redistricting is corrupt and we have no obligation to be polite or oblique in the face of corruption.
  • We do have an obligation to be civil in all we do and write, and to stay focused on facts and policies rather than focusing on the foibles of individuals.
  • We will always strive to be truthful and transparent. When we become aware of substantial errors we will point them out and correct them.
  • We welcome comments and invite debate on the topics we write about, but we reserve the right to not publish comments that are inconsistent with our guidelines for editorial tone and approach.  As editors of the blog our judgment on these matters is final.


Handsoffredistricting welcomes contributions from creative writers and researchers who share our mission and goals. As we accept no funding for the site, we can’t compensate you for your contribution.  If you are interested in contributing to handsoffredistricting, please review our Editorial Guidelines and Style Guide.

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  1. Helen Ostrowski says:

    Thanks for this public service! I am looking to get involved at my local level to effect some change, so this is very helpful–if not daunting!

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